Send free SMS in India using these 10 Websites to any Mobile

SMS is very popular in India and I guess all of you know it. Everyday we receive a lot of Funny messages and most of them are getting forwarded too. Although there are so many mobile networks in India with SMS Plans but we can use websites also to send Free SMS in India to any other mobile. This can be helpful when you are outside India and want to send SMS messages to your friends. Most of these websites ask you to register using your mobile number by sending you a validation code. After that you can add your friends numbers and start sending messages. Here are some of the major websites to send free SMS in India.
Send Free SMS India Mobile Send free SMS in India using these 10 Websites to any Mobile 

1. 160by2

160by2 is one of the most popular free SMS sending website and you can send messages to India, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi, Singapore, Philippines & Malaysia. They also have mobile version of their website and you can use their mobile apps which is available in Blackberry App World, Android Market and iTunes App Store. Using this service you can send 145 characters SMS.

2. Way2SMS

Using Way2SMS you can send messages to any mobile in India. Apart from that you can get email alerts and chat with your friends in GTalk and Yahoo contacts.

3. YouMint

You can use YouMint also for sending message. It also asks for verifying your mobile number and the people who are getting messages can opt out for receiving these messages. The max character length in YouMint is 80 and they also support group messaging feature.

4. SMS7

This one I like a lot because it allows to send SMS upto 440 characters. You can invite your friends, create phone book and reminders also.

5. IndyaRocks

Indyarocks is more of a social networking website where you can create your own blog. Apart from that you can use it for sending messages also. Max character length of SMS is 130 in Indyarocks.

6. SMSWala

SMSWala provides bulk messaging and if you want to send mass SMS for business purpose its a good option. It also offers free online chat facility.

7. Krify

Best part of this website is that you don’t need to register for sending a message. It supports upto 100 character SMS without registration. After getting registered, you can add contacts and they also provide mails.

8. MySMSIndia

MySMSIndia is more like a social networking website which has feature of sending free SMS across different networks in India. Apart from that you can create your profile, write blogs and make friends too.

9. Ibibo

Ibibo is one of the popular gaming and app site in India. Its getting lot of popularity these days and you can use it for sending SMS also. It allows 140 characters SMS to any mobile in India.

10. Atrochatro

This website is getting a lot of popularity these days and you can use it to send Free SMS. They have a large collection of SMS also for different occasions.
There are some other ways also to send free SMS, for example Yahoo Messenger, AOL Messenger, Rediff Bol and Google SMS Channel but I have not included them in the list because they are more of an add-on service and not their primary function.
I am hoping that this list will help you a lot when you want to send SMS to your friends and loved one online FREE!!
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