Android App Lists Lost & Found Items on your Phone

Even though you are careful of your belongings you might sometimes lose or misplace it. Either important or not it’s the matter of lost things which eventually counts. For some people it might be a headache or some might take it seriously. Many users have lost their items and even if the items are founded by some one they even don’t have the contact information of the person whom the item belongs too. With a social platform it can be easy to report those items and if found by any users they can also report founded items. Luckily when you come to Android there is an application called Sniffer which does this work in a very easy way.
When you come to Android you get most helpful solution for your lost items. Android phone community is largely growing and it will continue to grow. With Sniffer Android application you will access a common virtual notice board where users report the lost and found items wherever in the world. Check this application right now if you a lost anything, who known you may find your lost things through this application.
This application is very good in terms of search and reporting and its worth to mention that the user interface of this application is quite user friendly as even a normal user who have visited this first time can understand.
As soon as you install this application on your mobile phone, it will fetch the recent reports from all around the world, i.e., this application is updated each and every time and requires active internet connection or your 3G connection. Coming back to the application, the homescreen provide three options basically Report Lost, Report Found and View Noticeboard. This is how the home screen looks like –Sniffer
When I click on Noticeboard I get two tabs – Live Board and Categories. The live board provides the recently updated lost items such reported by users. Among them are the iPod touch, money or visa or book or anything, users report it here. The details like category, contact if found, reward to the finder and reported date are listed.Sniffer Live Board
The Categories option will list down the categories of the items like personal use, clothing, mobile, money, documents, misc and lot more.Sniffer categories
When you click on Report Lost you will be able to report the lost items you have lost on your visit or travel or trip. You just need to provide the category, description, location like place or city, contact method and reward that you are willing to pay if someone gets you that item. When you are done, you just need to tap on Submit Item.Sniffer Report Lost Item
Just like you report the lost items, in the similar ways you can report the found items. This is how the report item details form look like –Sniffer Report Found Item
Easily report lost item by social way
More lost items than found items
Just an Android application, would have been better if iPhone, Blackberry users can install this, i.e., it should be made common platform

Sniffer – Lost & Found Android App Download

Sniffer – Lost & Found Android application can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. To download it directly on to your mobile phone you need to visit the Android apps labs page listing of Sniffer and then click on Install button to download it automatically on to your phone. Once installed your are ready to use it.
Android Advices Application Rating – 4.25 / 5
Finally this application is must for those who are traveling as it might help you to get back what you have lost or it might help you if you have found anything in terms of rewards.

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