Design Your Own Keyboard

Computer games freak always have the complain that the keyboard is affecting their performance. It’s very difficult to find out the keys used in the games quickly this is because a computer keyboard is designed for typing, not for gaming

Now, you can design your keyboard as you want and place the keys wherever you want. With the help of DX1 Input System from Think Geek  you can stick keys wherever you want and assign whatever functions you need.  You can customize it’s background also, so you can  make a map of which key controls which function.
There are two stationary buttons on this keyboard which you can’t moved.  They control the keyboard’s menu and allows you to define the controls for the keys.
On this keyboard you can assign multiple commands for any key i.e if you run some number of commands repeatadly , with the help of this feature you can run it on a single stroke.
The DX1 works with all programs, so it’s perfect for those games or software you use regularly whose commands are too dificult to run on normal keyboards and takes so much time.
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