Rockmelt Browser for Social Networking – Free Download

Rockmelt Browser 550x376 Rockmelt Browser for Social Networking – Free Download
First and the foremost change the new Rockmelt browser has is change in its newly designed edges with built in friends section with a trendy look. Additionally the functionalities of Facebook such as Facebook friend requests, messages and Facebook notifications have been integrated. Additionally, Rockmelt has been integrated with Facebook such that it allows its users to view photo album of friends and as well as has improved in its Facebook chat service. Besides Facebook profile has been given a quick access toolbar in the Rockmelt browser Moreover it also enables user to gain easy access to update their Facebook status.
It also has evolved its accessibility for using twitter where it has enabled user to receive taskbar notifications of incoming tweets or twitter updates from people who you have been following or those following you or tagged you in their tweets. Rockmelt has been delivered with an enhanced twitter access and also has improved performance and reliability for working with twitter.
The new Rockmelt 3 browser has also minimized errors in terms of usage of Facebook and twitter. For those who just love to share their joys of life or express their thoughts and experiences then rock melt 3 is definitely meant for you as it has been given a better sharing option and quick update to let others know what you are up to. Rockmelt 3 has been definitely been designed to look better than the previous versions and also it minimizes the number of crashes and other bugs.
Rockmelt has engineered a new way to enjoy social media networking and it has taken the experience of social networking from a singular web browser to a multi faceted dynamic browser integrated with other social networking mediums in one browser. Rockmelt 3 also takes care of spell check ability in order to rectify errors and to enable the users to send and share messages preventing mistakes and errors.
Rockmelt 3 beta is fun and easy to use and best – it’s free.

Rockmelt Browser Download

For Windows or Mac: You can download it from their website.
For iPhone: You can download it from iTunes Store.

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