Login Multiple GMail Accounts in Chrome Simultaneously – 2 Mins Setup

If you have multiple gmail accounts then you must feel the pain of switching from one account to another. I have 5 gmail accounts that I must check on daily basis and trust me it’s a lot of pain to go through everyday. So when I found this simple solution to login multiple gmail accounts in Chrome simultaneously, I couldn’t stop myself in writing about it and sharing it with my readers.
Step 1: Install “Quick Login for Google Accounts” plugin from chrome web store by this link. It will ask for your gmail account id and password and installs in seconds.
Step 2: After installation, you will see a orange color ballon in the right side of address bar, just click on it. It will open a page for configuring multiple gmail accounts. Provide you google email and passwords and save them. This add-on is provided by google, so I am assuming that it’s safe to use it.
Google Quick Login Multiple Account Login Multiple GMail Accounts in Chrome Simultaneously   2 Mins Setup  Step 3: Click on the G balloon and select the account you want to login. It will open a new tab and log you into that.
Please make sure you don’t set this on shared computer otherwise anyone can login to your mails. If you have your personal computer then only you should do it.
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