BlueAnt Multipurpose Stereo F4 Interphone Bluetooth Kit

Do you love your bike and crazy for music? But you can’t use both of them together as you need to wear Helmet which makes it nearly impossible to use your earphone or Bluetooth device. Okay, here is a solution now – BlueAnt’s Stereo F4 interphone kit that includes a Bluetooth device, a pair of tiny earphone and a microphone.
The Bluetooth device will be outside the helmet whereas earphone and mike will fit inside. You can pair up to 8 Bluetooth devices to your F4 including receiving calls from 2 different cell phones, hear audio direction from GPS navigation device and listen music streamed over A2DP from any compatible MP3 player.
If you trust their words, the mike can work at speed up to 110 mph. It also includes an intercom mode between two devices up to 1,640 feet which will make racing with your buddy a real-time fun.
The F4 is available at BlueAnt online store for $225, not too bad for travel freaks and bike racing lovers.
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