HTC and Dropbox to provide 25GB of storage to HTC Sense 4.0 devices

HTC has raised its banners already, and brought out its best at the Mobile World Congress, but this isn’t limited to the external specifications which amaze the users. HTC had been working to make a deal with Dropbox to provide the users some free storage, and now what we see is a whooping 25GB of storage available for the devices having Sense 4.0 interface.
The message from HTC said:
Dropbox integrated with HTC Sense – HTC One gives you an easy way to save and share your photos and videos. HTC has integrated Dropbox into HTC Sense 4 enabling HTC One customers to get 25 gigabytes of free Dropbox space for two years. That’s enough to keep more than 10,000 high-quality photos. Dropbox is also integrated throughout HTC Sense 4, so it’s easy to edit, save and share your documents and other kinds of files.
htc dropbox
Earlier there were reports that HTC was trying to get a 5GB storage for their devices, integrated with Dropbox, but the big news came in to get more cheer from the users. Dropbox is one of the best online storage and backup services, with some features which include Encryption of the contentauto uploading of files from the phones, continuous sync of the phone and dropbox folders so that there is a backup always.
This free storage of 25GB would be available for 2 years, and after that the users would be downgraded to the basic plan but well, 2 years is not a small time. Your content would be available online, and a small tip would be to use the same account to sync it once with the computer, where the entire phone content is synced and you get a backup in your computer. Cloud storage, as we always say, is one of the best ways to keep your content safe.
HTC in the MWC 2012 has announced the HTC One series of phones, of which the best one would be the HTC One X with the ICS and 4G LTE connectivity, coming with the AT&T network.
A few days back, offered 50GB of free storage for all the Android users, and this for sure was a big promotion but we trust Dropbox.
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