6 Easy Ways to keep your laptop secure while travelling

Laptop has become part of our life and most of us keep all our personal data into that, which makes it prone to theft. The chances of hacking or theft increase more while traveling. I have been doing all my official work with my laptop and here I am providing some simple tips to avoid theft while traveling.
  1. Avoid using notebook case – If you will carry your laptop in a general notebook bag, everybody will get aware that you are carrying a laptop and chances of theft will increase. So it’s advisable to use backpack or simple briefcase to carry laptop.
  2. Never write your password – Most of the common user writes their password somewhere so that they won’t forget it. So never write it down in your laptop carry case otherwise it will be like giving your house keys to the thief yourself. Always create your password with some patterns known to you only and never write it down.
  3. Always carry your laptop with you – Never keep your laptop in the check in luggage while traveling in airplane or your briefcase. It’s a costly item and need extra care like your engagement ring, so keep it with yourself always.
  4. Use Encrypting Software – Always keep your personal data in encrypted form to avoid leakage of your personal or official sensitive data even if somebody hacks your system or get a hand on it in your absence.
  5. Use laptop security cable – Like you lock your luggage, it’s a better idea to use a laptop security cable to lock it to your seat or some seat. It will make it hard for somebody to take your laptop and those security cables is not that much costly, trust me and use it. icon smile 6 Easy Ways to keep your laptop secure while travelling   
  6. Use Screen Saver – Always use screen saver to avoid somebody peeking on your shoulder when you are working on some sensitive or personal data. It will help you keep working in a crowded place.
Just follow these simple and easily adoptable tips and keep your laptop secure and keep your life hassle free.
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