Nokia Mobile Web Server to use your phone from Internet Browser

We use mobile phones to surf Internet but have you ever thought of operating your mobile device from somewhere else using web browsers. Looks like it will soon be a reality and we would operate our phone from laptops. Mobile Web Server is the latest technology that will bring your mobile device on the Internet. You can access your phone features and data via a browser and you can even run a blog also. The project is currently in Beta release and work is going on with support of Nokia Beta Labs.
Setup is very simple and just take following steps:
1. Register your device at
2. Install Mobile Web Server to your Nokia S60 device.
3. Your Web Server will allow you to access your contacts, calendar and other functions through Internet.
Compatibility and System Requirements
Currently only Nokia devices based on S60 3rd Edition will be able to use it. You can get the list of compatible devices here.
You can create a blog to exchange your views and experiences about the product.
You can share your images and calendar with friends and family by setting the access rights.
There are also few extensions available for Mobile Web Server.
1. Group Calendar Widget – This widget will allow you live access of your friend’s device calendar. You can use this Widget to check their availability, make new request and send free text messages.
Nokia Mobile Web Server Calendar Nokia Mobile Web Server to use your phone from Internet Browser
2. My Mobile Site Widgets – You can use this Widget to view the contents of your mobile phone and initiate certain operations like sending SMS or initiating a Call over a secure HTTPS channel. The widgets run on the Yahoo! Widgets engine installed on your PC, and the Python scripts that run under Nokia Mobile Web Server provide the functionality on the mobile device.
It requires Windows XP SP2, Vista or Mac OSX operating systems.
Nokia Mobile Web Server SMS Nokia Mobile Web Server to use your phone from Internet Browser
3. Live Status – This is a Facebook application through which you can share your information from your mobile phone. You can show your status, location or calendar to your friends. You can even allow users to request photos straight from your mobile phone.
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