Samsung Galaxy S II Best Smartphone, Samsung Mobile Best Device Manufacturer at GSMA Awards

It is a moment of joy for the Android lovers, and especially the Samsung fanboys to see Samsung Mobile being the winner of the GSMA awards, in the category of Best Device Manufacturer of the Year, and the device Samsung Galaxy S II getting the award for the best Smartphone of the Year. It was expected when we talk about the device, because Samsung Galaxy S II had seen millions of sales, and this was the strongest smartphone at one point of time in 2011.
samsung wins awards
Way back in October, Samsung had been able to sell more than 30 million Galaxy S and S II combined, and that is no where a small count. The end of the year report from Samsung said that they have been able to sell more than 325 million handsets in the entire year, and that included the other devices too apart from the Android phones. Nokia leads the race usually with the higher number of sales every year, but that doesn’t matter when Samsung has made phones with the best quality and maintained it the entire year.
Samsung is expecting to sell a million phones every day, so that they can reach the count of 375 million sales an year. The GSMA Awards that were a hot topic at the MWC 2012, kept the Samsung users smiling. It is not just the Android devices but the Bada OS devices from Samsung last year which helped Samsung win the Best Device Manufacturer award, leaving Sony, Nokia, Apple, HTC and everything else behind. The super success for Samsung last year cannot ignore the big contribution and a part by Samsung Galaxy Note, which has an excellent fame in the market still months after the launch.

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