How to Update Toshiba Folio 100 with Cyanogen Mod 9 ICS Android 4.0.3 Firmware

Cyanogen Mod 9 may not have been rolled out officially but unofficially the developers are coming out with the ICS Android 4.0.3 Firmware, so on the similar lines let’s check out on how you can taste your Toshiba Folio 100 with the same. Last time we saw on another version of ICS Android 4.0 which was beta 8 by a different developer. These updates come as a huge respite for all those who are wanting to apply the update of ICS release.
Please note that this is not an official update released by Toshiba and also we have no ETA on by when there will be an official update for the same. Over a period of this article, we will be checking out on what are the list of pre requisite instructions you need to follow along with the detailed tutorial on how to apply this firmware.
Disclaimer: Neither we, nor developer should be held responsible for any damage happened to your device in the process of following the instructions mentioned in this article. It’s very unlikely that there will be any issues but just in case if at all there are any issues then we are committed to help you in solving the same.
Working Features of ICS CM 9 Firmware:
  • Kernel 3.1
  • HQ Video acceleration
  • Audio over Speaker
  • Audio over Headset
  • Audio over HDMI
  • HDMI Video
  • Camera – reported as front and back camera
  • 3D acceleration
  • Bluetooth
  • LP0 Suspend
  • Wakeup from LP0 Suspend
  • Internal USB
  • USB Host Port
  • Acceleration Sensor
  • Power Button
  • Volume Keys
  • Touch Screen
  • Wifi
  • Brighness regulation
  • Internal and external SD
  • 3G using Huawei dongles (may need some improvements)
  • Vibrator
  • miniUSB Hotplug
  • Docking station
  • Audio jack switch
  • Internal microphone (sound is little quite yet)
  • A2DP Audio over Bluetooth
Non-Working Features:
  • SCO Audio over Bluetooth
  • Digital Compass (Android lib not finished yet – Kernel part finished)
  • Touch Buttons (no interest to make them work as they are not required for ICS)
  • Remote control – initial support added – need more inventigation
  • Power cable plug detection can take up to 10 seconds
  • Some people report to have a bad HDMI audio
  • Audio may knocking sometimes
Pre Requisites:
  • Ensure that you have created a backup of all your data present in your phone memory so that the same can be restored easily back to your device just in case if the data gets corrupted or deleted. You can backup or restore data using the below mentioned tips.
Notes – Backup in the mail so that you can then restore manually
SMS Messages – Use “SMS Backup & Restore app”,
Contacts Stored in Phone Memory – Sync with the Gmail application,
Call Log - Call Log and Restore
Videos, Images, Videos & Files etc.– Copy to internal / External SD Card,
Internet & MMS Settings – Backup all the settings from “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names
  • Minimum battery charge present in your Toshiba Folio 100 should be a minimum of 60% so as to ensure that the device doesn’t get turned Off in the middle of firmware update.
  • Enable the USB debugging in your Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 phone from the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”. The USB Debugging option should be ticked.
  • Turn Off all the antivirus as well as Firewall tools in your computer as these tools tend to interrupt the process of firmware update.  

    Procedure to Update Toshiba Folio 100 with ICS Android 4.0.3 Firmware:
    • Download ICS Android 4.0.3 Firmware package from here to your computer. Also, before that you need to ensure that your Toshiba Folio 100 is rooted which if not you can root by following the corresponding instructions.
    • Now, connect your Toshiba Folio device to the computer and copy the zip file in your device. Ensure that you are not placing deep into your tablet.
    • After placing the file, disconnect the device and turn off the Toshiba Folio to boot the same in the recovery mode or in the CWM mode.
    • Now, in the recovery mode, you need to select “install zip from sd card” > “choose zip from sd card” and then choose the Part 1 Batista70 Foxhound edition Custom ROM Firmware Zip file which is placed in the phone.
    • Once the update is finished successfully, you need to select “Wipe data/factory reset” & “Wipe Cache partition” so that this will clear the cache after which select “++++ Go Back ++++” and select “reboot system now” which will restart the Toshiba Folio 100 in the updated firmware.
    Note: In an unfortunate event if the process is interrupted then you will have to repeat the whole procedure from the start so as to again successfully update the phone.
    So, there you go you have now successfully updated your tablet with the latest firmware version of ICS Android 4.0. Do let us know in the comments section just in case if you face any issues as we will try to ensure that all the issues are addressed at the earliest. We sincerely thank the developer of this custom ROM Firmware DerArtem  who has come up with this firmware.
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