Boost Battery of Android Mobile with Easy Battery Saver

Though you have followed many battery saving tips on for your mobile phone, still there are many things which continuously eats battery on your phone. Also we have gone through the procedure on how to calibrate your battery. This time we go around and review Easy Batter Saver Android application.
Easy Battery Saver is a dedicated Android application designed to extend the battery life and also optimize your phone battery accordingly. This application on your mobile phone saves the battery intelligently by dealing with network connectivity, screen time out and the screen brightness. Interestingly this application is provided with sleep schedule settings which will save the battery when you are sleeping.Battery Saver Advanced
As soon as you install this application you will be presented with the remaining battery in percentage and the remaining battery capacity like talk time, web surfing time and audio playback time that you can get of the battery which is remaining.Battery Saver
At the bottom you will find four navigation tabs which are Battery info, Optimization, Consumption and Tutorials. By default you will be in the Battery info tab as soon as you open this application. The optimization tab provides you with the option to choose a preset profile and customize everything to your specific needs. Various power modes are present and battery can be optimized accordingly to your needs.Battery Saving Modes
The next tab is the Consumption tab where it shows how much battery is the each application on your mobile phone is using. This application practically save more than 50 % of battery life.Battery Usage
  • Easy to use
  • Optimization modes are very easy to choose
  • Visual of battery status on the main page
  • Extend the battery working life
This app also consumes little power
Easy Battery Saver App Download
Easy Battery Saver Android application can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. To Download it directly on to your mobile phone, from your phone browser you need to visit the Android Apps Labs page listing of Easy Battery Saver and then click on Install button to automatically download this application.
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