How to Find Android Device OS Version & Build Number

Android is an open source operating system which now powers more than 50 % of smartphones. Android has gone through various development stages and the OS has been upgraded from time to time. Since its launch it has gone through Android 1.5 to Android 4.0 with unlimited smaller version updates. Since there are various Android version you would be interested in finding out the Android version with which your smartphone or tablet is powered. You can find it on the web when you search for your mobile phone specifications.
There are number of ways in which you can find the Android version of your phone and the the easiest way is to go through your phone settings and finding the same.

Finding Android Device OS Version

This simple tutorial will help you to find out Android version on your smartphone –
  • Tap on Menu button in your phone.
  • Now among the various options, tap on Settings. This is the option wherein you can edit various settings like Wi Fi, Bluetooth, Virtual Private Network, Mobile networks, APN settings and lots more on your mobile phone. Each and every phone displays various options but mostly the important ones are present. This is the screenshot from Galaxy S II smartphone following the procedure of tap on Menu button.Menu Settings
  • From the various options listed, you need to tap on About Phone option. This is the option which gives you access to find information on your phone.Android Settings
  • As soon as you tap on it, your mobile phone will give you various details of your mobile phone which includes the model number, Android version, Baseband version, kernel version and the built number. Here our requirement was to find the Android operating system version and so you can find it at this point of time.Android version
  • That’s it.
Do let us know if you are unable to find out Android version on your tablet or mobile phone and keep checking Android Advices for various tips and tricks on your smartphone.
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