Delete Duplicate Phone Contacts along with Merging Contacts on Android

Delete Contacts
When you have so many contacts on your smartphones, it’s really hard to manage them. The Google Contacts, Phone Contacts and SIM card contacts altogether can make duplicate entries easily on your smartphone. When you have such duplicate entries you can delete them, merge the accounts where ever you want in accordance with ease of understanding. The Contact Analyzer 2 Android application is the right application for you to make this work pretty easy.
As soon as you install this application and run it, you will directly find the contacts listing in a row. Now this is good thing as you can manage the contacts very easily.

Merging Two Contacts

To merge a contact from another one, like if you have a Gmail shown below along with the name in another contact, then you can merge them accordingly to make it easier for you.Contact Analyzer App
Tap on any of the contact and select Merge.Contact Operation
Now you need to select the contact with whom you want to merge. It will be shown in another tab, when you are done tap on OK and it will ask for the confirmation.Merging Contact final
When done press OK.

Editing a Contact

To edit a contact using this application, you need to tap on an account and select edit option.Contact Operation
Depending up to the type of contact you have Save for that, you will be able to add details. For SIM contacts you can just add the number and the name with maximum 14 characters.
Editing ContactFor Google Contacts you can add various fields like image, home phone, email, Instant message ID, assigning them a group, Ringtone, Postal address, Organization, notes, name, website, birthday details, anniversary details and lot more. The same settings are available for phone contacts as well.
Automatically Merge or Delete Duplicate Contacts
Coming to the Menu option when you are in the application, it has various other options well. Among them are the Identical numbers, Duplicates, Merging and Help.
The identical numbers option found under the settings allows you to find the contacts stored with different names using the same numbers.Identical Numbers
When hit the duplicate option, it will automatically delete the duplicate found by this application.Auto delete duplicates
When tap on the merge button you can automatically aggregate the identical account contacts in the same one account.Auto Merge
Finding the duplicates contacts is easy
Editing contacts is manually done

Contact Analyzer 2 App Download

Contact Analyzer 2 Android Application can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. To download it directly on to your mobile phone, visit the Android Apps Labs page listing from your smartphone browser and then tap on the Install button to install it.
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