Get Complete Phone System Info with Perfect System Monitor App

There are various application available to track the battery status, memory status, CPU and RAM Status along with the tool kit but here comes ‘Perfect System Monitor’ which is a perfect, light and useful Android application measuring all the parameters of your smartphone. Lets go through the Perfect System Monitor application pros, usefulness and applications in this article.
As soon as you install this application on your mobile phone or the Android tablet, we advise you to add the widget first and to do that follow the below procedure –
To add this widget to your home screen you need to tap on the Menu button, tap on the Add option.App Widget
Now Among the various options tap on the widgets and scroll till you find the Perfect System Monitor. Hold the Perfect System Monitor, drag and drop it on any of the home screen where you want to show the various widgets tools.Drag and Drop
You know you can customize which widget that you want show and to do that you need to again open the application settings, tap on the Select items to show. There are various options available which are Battery level, Battery temperature, Battery voltage, free memory, cpu usage, cpu frequency, internal storage, external storage 2, network current upload, network total upload, up time and lot more. But the only problem is that you can show up to maximum of 8 of those items on the widget at the home screen.App options
As soon open the application, you will be presented with few options to select like the refresh rate, text effects, temperature unit, and background, transparent and choice of battery icon type. Finally when you go through these settings you need to tap on save option. Let’s go through each and every option of this application.Perfect Monitor App
Refresh Rate is the first option where you need to set the time frame when the various parameters should be updated. You have the choice from 5 to 60 seconds.
The next setting is of the text effect that you want to show which is from the shadow or the sunken or none.Text Effects
There is the setting of degrees or the Fahrenheit.
Then there is the setting of the background of black or white or style 1, Style 2, Style 3, 4 and 5.Background
Finally there is the option of the transparency available to be set from 10% to 90 %.Transparency Settings
And also there is the option to tick the show battery icon the status bar along with its icon choice.Battery Icon
Simple and Easy
Consumes very less battery
Just a widget, no real capabilities to control CPU speed and others
Various style are shown with Style 1, Style 2, instead it would be better to provide the preview of actual style
Perfect System Monitor App Download
The Perfect System Monitor Android application can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. To download it directly on to your mobile phone, you visit the Android Apps Lab page listing of Perfect System Monitor App and then click on the Install button as located on the left.
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