The World’s Smallest Wireless Earphone

Fujikon Industrial Holdings Ltd, Hong Kong manufacturer of headsets, microphones and other audio components has formed a strategic alliance with wireless audio technology provider Kleer.
Combining Fujikon’s expertise in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge audio products and Kleer’s technological expertise, the world’s smallest wireless earphone, is ready for launch.

Announced in January 2007, Kleer’s 2.4GHz wireless digital audio technology combines high digital audio performance with ultra-low power consumption. The technology can be applied to portable audio and media players, audio or theater systems and automotive systems, and is used by Fujikon in the first of its kind un-tethered earphones.

Kleer’s iPod Nano Wireless Adapter was highly acclaimed for being capable of delivering full CD quality audio without any loss in sound quality. It received a good deal of positive reviews, putting the brand in the ears of many professionals of the audio gadgetry arena.

Kleer’s Audio LP modules offer the following advantages over Bluetooth:
  • Lossless transmission of 16-bit, 44.1KHz-sampled stereo audio to deliver full CD-quality audio. Lossless transmission also enables the ‘beaming’ of music or other data files from one player to another.
  • 10 times the battery life of a comparable Bluetooth solution. This enables OEMs to integrate wireless technology into portable audio players without suffering a large penalty in battery life. And OEMs can introduce new small form factor products such as wireless earphones knowing that small batteries will still give them acceptable battery life.
  • Best-in-class ISM band co-existence by dynamically selecting one out of 16 narrowband channels, each of which can fit in the gaps between wireless LAN channels, and ensuring that only unoccupied channels are selected.
  • Kleer’s Listen In™ technology that enables users to share the listening experience by having multiple wireless earphones, headphones or speakers listening simultaneously to the same audio source.
Fujikon’s ground-breaking earphone model is empowered with complete wireless stereo application between the left and right audio channels, is compatible with various portable media devices, and can be used with up to four devices at the same time.

The wireless earphones are already available as part of the S2501 mp3 Player.

S2501 mp3 Player – Jet Stream Series Specs
  • Wireless Earphones Compatibility – Designed to be compatible with wireless earphones usinng Kleer® technologyPicture of S2501 mp3 Player
  • 1GB Flash Memory – Stores up to 340 songs* – Flash memory
  • Audio Playback (mp3 / WMA® / WMDRM-10 / Audible®) – Plays open mp3 and WMA® audio files and is compatible with many secure music download and subscription services
  • Digital FM Tuner with 20 Presets – Listen to your favorite radio stations
  • FM Record – Record while listening to an FM station to mp3 format. Later you can listen to the recorded radio or download to your computer for personal use
  • Display – Easy-to-read and ultra bright full-color OLED display
  • Splash Proof – Built for workouts, this device is water and sweat-resistant so you can take it with you on a jog or bring it to the gym
  • Stop Watch – Track your lap time or run time with this easy-to-use integrated stop watch Integrated Pedometer, Calorie Counter, and Body Mass Index Calculator –
  • USB 2.0 PC Interface – Hi-speed transfer
  • Battery Life – The built-in lithium rechargeable battery lets you enjoy up to 14 hours
  • of music playback
  • Accessory Kit Includes – Armband, wristband, CD-ROM with Yahoo! Music® Engine, 2 sets of earphones (1 wired and 1 wireless)
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