Maptech i3

Touch ScreenMaptech's i3 is a truly fool-proof gadget that makes no use of confusing buttons, keypads or cursors.
The Touch Screen Command Center is the heart and soul of the i3. Just touch the rugged, 12" or 15" diagonal, daylight readable screen to view and change charts, create routes and a lot more.

Adding a waypoint is as simple as touching the chart display at the spot you want to go and you get range and bearing. You can even touch and drag an existing route around obstacles, letting you add new waypoints with one simple action.

As an added bonus, when you purchase an i3 you get all detailed NOAA charts for the entire U.S. coastline.
Also built-in are all of Maptech's exclusive Navigation Photos, Contour 3D Charts, Coastal Topo Maps and advanced navigation data.

Other features include an improved Touch Screen Radar that allows you to see radar images overlaid on a detailed NOAA chart or Navigation Photo, Dual Screens for two fully functional, independent i3 systems that can be networked together.

Satellite Communications have also been improved to stay in touch by email, voice and fax.
It can even monitor your boat while you're away and send reports on vital systems to your home or dockmaster.

The I3 communications option also includes the latest weather forecasts.

A 3D Fishfinder allows you to see where fish position themselves in 3D.
The live sonar is very similar to standard 2D sonars but coupled with the benefits of 3D and i3 Touch Screen Command.

As for Video connectivity, you can control up to four marine-grade video cameras set up for security or any other reason.
Dragging your finger on the Touch Screen lets you span and tilt in a very simple way.
And you can watch your favorite movies or home videos. But fear not to get completely absorbed in the action, because the i3 is monitoring your boat's location. If your boat moves 200 feet or more within 5 minutes, the movie screen automatically switches over to GPS navigation mode.

Last but not least, the i3 home planning software lets you create your routes on a home PC and save them to a USB thumb drive. When you get to the boat, just plug in the thumb drive. All your routes will automatically load, and you're ready to go!

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