PIP - Personal Input Pod™

The PIP is a revolutionary biosensor that helps you combat stress.

The PIP measures a psycho-physiological phenomenon known as electrodermal activity (EDA) . EDA corresponds to changes in the electrical properties of the skin due to sweat gland activity. Since sweat is electrically conductive, the more a person sweats, the more electrically conductive their skin becomes and vice versa. These changes in conductivity are readily measurable, and especially so at the fingertips, where there is a particularly high concentration of sweat glands.

Many processes in the body are regulated by the autonomic nervous system (ANS). "Autonomic" refers to the fact that these processes are not under our conscious control, but are carried out continuously and automatically "in the background". The ANS can be subdivided into the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. In situations that cause stress, the sympathetic system primes the body for "fight or flight", one manifestation of which is an increase in sweating. Hence the psychological phenomenon of stress elicits a physiological response (increased sweating), and it is this that the PIP measures.

Communicating wirelessly with an entertainment application that runs on your mobile phone, the Personal Input Pod™ provides a unique stress management solution in a highly portable, consumer friendly package and at a consumer friendly price.

In today's fast-paced world, the PIP empowers you to take control of your stress, teaching you to relax in a fun and engaging way.

  • Bluetooth connectivity enables operation with a wide variety of phones and handheld devices.
  • High performance, completely self-contained.
  • Robust, scientifically validated measurement of stress via the electrodermal response.
  • Recharge the internal battery via a standard wall plug or a computer USB port

Software applications include:

Relax & Race, a racing game for mobile phones and desktop PC’s, where victory is achieved only by out-relaxing your opponent.
You must discover how to control your stress, and learn not only to relax, but to relax in a stressful environment.

Stormchaser maps the weather according to your stress levels, encouraging you to find your inner calm and tame the storm.
As you relax, the wind lessens, the rain eases off, and the clouds clear until you are basking in warm sunshine.

Lie Detective is a classic polygraph simulator.
Responding to stress, less than truthful answers to probing questions send the needle polygraph display racing.

Available from:
Vyro Games
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