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Harmony Behind-the-Ear (BTE) Sound Processor pictureAdvanced Bionics has developed the Harmony™ Behind-the-Ear (BTE) Sound Processor designed to maximize hearing potential beyond words so you can experience as much of the full range of sound as possible.

Thanks to its CD-quality sound processing and wide sound window, the Harmony BTE processes sound with unmatched fidelity and clarity.

It will help many patients with hearing disorders to perform common tasks such as:

  • Use the telephone
  • Hear in noisy environments
  • Listen in classrooms
  • Appreciate music
  • Hear all day on a single battery charge
  • Hear loud and soft sounds without flipping a switch

Harmony BTE features:

  • Built-in Telecoil for wireless access to hearing-aid–compatible telephones and inductive loop communication systems
  • Built-in LED for easy monitoring of system status

The Harmony BTE Processor is designed to withstand rain, sweat, and moisture, and carries a warranty for exposure to water.

  • Full listening day on a single charge
  • Water tolerant and impact resistant
  • Monitor system status with Built-in LED
  • Wireless access with Built-in Telecoil
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Snap-on earhook options
  • Discreet, low-profile headpiece

Programmable options:
  • CD-quality, 16-bit processing, programmable wide input dynamic range and powerful dual-loop automatic gain control.
  • The Power Economy Mode delivers 50% greater battery life than the previous generation BTE, so recipients can enjoy a full listening day on a single charge.

HiResolution® Sound:
  • Processing in HiResolution: 5,200 Hz signal processing resolution intended to accurately reproduce complex acoustic waveforms, preserving the details of sound.
  • Up to 83,000 signals to the hearing nerve every second.
  • Fully programmable sound window up to 80 dB.
  • Sophisticated automatic gain control (AGC) for optimizing the sound environment.
  • Programmable sound processing programs.
  • Capturing the real world environment from soft sounds to loud sounds, as they naturally occur around you.

Easy-to-use Controls:
  • 3-position program switch with tactile and visual feedback
  • Volume wheel with tactile and visual feedback
  • Built-in Telecoil for wireless access to hearing-aid–compatible telephones and inductive loop systems
  • Built-in LED status light for easy monitoring of system information

Discreet Low-profile Headpiece:
  • Easy to conceal, smaller, and more discreet
  • Ultra-light for comfort, convenience and retention

Built-in LED Status Indicator Light:
  • Especially important for children, the status light gives parents, teachers and caretakers a visual indication when to respond -
    • the LED illuminates RED when the system is not communicating with the implant
    • the LED illuminates ORANGE when the battery is running low or the battery needs to be replaced soon
    • the LED illuminates GREEN in response to nearby sounds when the processor is successfully transmitting sound information to the implant.
  • Tells you the approximate remaining charge of a PowerCel™ Battery when attached to the processor so you can plan ahead.

Slide-on Power Options:
  • Easy-to-change power options slide off and on quickly so you are only off the air for seconds
  • Power supply comes in two different sizes; PowerCel Slim and PowerCel Plus

Snap-on Earhook Options:
  • Interchangeable audio earhook options for naturally using the phone, connecting peripheral audio inputs, monitoring status of children's devices and more.
  • Input that allows the earhook to transform into a valuable audio or diagnostic accessory
  • Audio earhook options snap on and off easily saving you time and fuss
  • Available in small and standard sizes to fit both children and adult ears.

Intellilink™ Safety:
  • BTE communicates only with your designated implant
  • Protects against stimulation if processors are accidentally swapped between ears or recipients.
  • Designed for bilateral recipients, because with Intellilink your left BTE only connects with your left implant.

Technical Specifications


Processor Colors: Beige Metallic, Silver, and Dark Sienna
Program Switch: Three program positions
Volume Dial: +/- 100% electrical dynamic range
T-Coil: Electronically integrated
Status LED: Three colors—green, orange, red
Total of eight status indications
Battery status, Microphone status, and Error status categories

Auxiliary Input:
Auria T-Mic® Microphone, Direct Connect, and iConnect Earhooks
Operating Temperature Range: 0° to 45°C/32° to 113°F (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature Range: -20° to 55°C/-4° to 131°F

Sound Processing:

BTE Microphone: BTE Microphone:Frequency Range 150 Hz–8000 Hz
Audio Sound Capture: 16 bit, 96 dB
Input Dynamic Range: 20 dB–80 dB programmable (60 dB default)
Effective Audio Sampling Rate: 17.4 kHz
Automatic Gain Control: Cambridge dual loop AGC
Sensitivity: +/-10 dB
Stimulation Rate: 136 pps–83,000 pps
Spectral bands: 1–120 bands
Supported Strategies: HiRes-S with Fidelity 120™, HiRes-P with Fidelity 120,
HiRes-S, HiRes-P, CIS, MPS

Telemetry: Continuous bidirectional


PowerCel Operating Time (hours):
PowerCel Slim: Average 14, range 8–19 (Power economy mode)
PowerCel Plus: Average 24, range 14–41 (Power economy mode)

Implant Compatibility:

ICS: HiRes 90K®, CII Bionic Ear®

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Advanced Bionics
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