Furby Is Reborn

Remember the cute little critters from your childhood, you know the ones that drove you and everybody around you absolutely insane? Well Hasbro have decided to take another crack at the once popular franchise.

This years interpretation of the fuzzy wonder features with some highly animated LCD eyes which match the current personality, something that changes depending on how you interact with your Furby. If that isn't enough to keep your little ones happy, or yourself, then why not download the companion app for the iPad and treat your Furby to lots of scrummy digital treats. The app can also be used as a Furbish to English dictionary, were still not sure if thats for the Furby or ourselves.

Of course it still acts like the Furby of old. It interacts with other Furbies by talking and singing and making all sorts of crazy noises. It can also dance along to some of your favourite tracks and can sing along too, so whats not to love really.

Furby will be hitting the local shelves in the Autumn period, just in time for the christmas rush. So far there is no UK price for the small furry one but in the states Habro have it on their own site for a tidy $60.

Fancy pre-ordering yours now ready for your loved ones Christmas present, then click here.
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