Raspberry Pi runs Android for the first time in history

Porting Android on Raspberry Pi so that we can transform our TV into a big Android tablet or a connected cheap Google TV? This is a dream of many Raspberry Pi owners. Needless to say, if this can be realized, it will be a cool Smart TV device, even cheaper than the popular MK802 Android Mini-PC!

Despite the great technical difficulties and failures, after being discussed thousands of times, for the first time in history, the porting has been proven to be successful.

An image based on Cyanogenmod 7.2 version of Android 2.3 has been successfully cooked for Raspberry Pi.
It really runs, slowly, but runs! Here is a video of how it works in action:

This is pretty much smoother than the previous CM9 version two days ago.

Hackers from both the Raspberry Pi and Android communities are trying to add hardware acceleration to create faster and more usable images.

Download the image here and flash it into an SD card, exactly the same way as we flash a normal Debian image for the Pi:
Android Pi Wiki:
Raspberry Pi Forum Page:

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