Lexibook Kids Tablet Now Launched in US – Specs & Features

There are tablets available for every age group. Over the period of time, Kids tablets have grabbed the parents’ attention worldwide. We already have listed best kid’s Android tablet and many more tablets are still making its path for the launch. Lexibook is a French educational devices manufacturer and they are back in to news with the launch of its Europe’s top selling in United States.Lexibook Kids tablet
Lexibook tablet will be a highly efficient device with kid friendly interface. This is also highly loaded with great educational content with 500 sheets of general educations, quizzes and test. The tablet includes a School Zone app and it has 200 pre-loaded eBooks as well catering the need of basic education for kids. Children will find these things pretty interesting as it’s loaded with various rhymes and Susie Tallman’s top songs and karaoke videos. Well this tablet is not just about education but you need to have recreational activities and this tablet does have that. It also includes 25 games and 53 discovery activities alongside with a camera and photo editing software as well.
For internet access Lexibook tablet includes built in Wi Fi internet access alongside with parental control. Kids can browse and download through the Lexibook Market which includes a total collection of 10,000 apps including Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Pandora, Skype, Pig Rush providing fun with education as well. Through Lexibook Videostore by Kabillion and Spotify music portal you can browse through your favorite video in one click.
So Lexibook kids tablet has the following features pre loaded for the kids -
  • Loaded with 500 sheets of general educations, quizzes and test
  • School Zone app
  • 200 pre loaded ebooks
  • Loaded with lots of rhymes and poems
  • 25 games and 53 discovery activities
  • a camera as well
  • Photo editor software
  • Wi Fi internet access with parental control
  • Lexibook Market for apps download
  • Lexibook Videostore
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