How to Hide Personal Photo Gallery Folders on Android

Gallery ExcluderAndroid Market consists of half a million of applications which are free and paid and support various devices. That’s not a small amount, although many of them would be duplication of one’s work but the wide area of coverage of those applications is varied with each one having its own importance.
Many apps create separate folder on your SD card. These folders contain their own stuff which includes small images, thumbnails and pointers too. Those files while browsing the gallery makes you dislike and you would be looking for a solution on how to exclude those from the list. Like says many movies audio tracks add thumbnails to their folder and you wanted to exclude those images from the list. For those who are looking for the solution, here we have Gallery Excluder app for Android mobile phones.
Gallery Excluder Android App
Gallery Excluder an Android app which will exclude all the direct sub directories of ‘/sdcard’ and displays them in a list. It does in the simple work, if you check the directory it will not be indexed. After excluding certain folders from the Gallery App you can re-index them at will.
Please note that you should carefully exclude a folder since all the media in that folder (photos, music and videos) will be excluded from showing. For example the stock music player will not find music in the folder that you have chosen to exclude.
Gallery Excluder Gallery Excluder
When you select a folder the main folder and the sub directories files are also hidden by default.
Gallery Excluder Download
Gallery Excluder Android app can be download from Android Apps Labs for free.
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