Find New Friends on Android with MyYearbook Free Dating App

With Social networks like Facebook, Orkut, MySpace and Hi5 you get connected with your friends and stay updated but for many of us like to get in touch with strangers, communicate with them though you haven’t known them personally. It’s kind of a good feeling and good way to make friends around.
MyYearBook Android Application to Find New Friends
With MyYearBook Android application you can chat or get in touch with people near you. Whether it’s your intention of dating or making just friends, this is the right Android application on your mobile phone to start flirting girls, guys and finally have fun in boredom time. It’s a free to use Android application. With this application you can make new friends, find singles around your locality and places near you and also provides the live feed as well. With ASK and Answer feature you get to know about the great people in ASK Me section. With more than 25 million single girls and boys in the database a step away from flirting, dating and having fun with the people.
As soon as you install this application and run it, since you are visiting this for the first time, you will asked to registered first. Without registration you can’t use this application. So simple signup and you are registered with Myyearbook Android app.MyYearBook login
Once you verify your email and open the application, you will be taken the homepage of the application which provides you with Live Feed, Locals, Profile, Friends, Match, Messages, Ask Me, Earn $ and Settings tab. We will be going through each of those tabs.MyYearBook Dashboard
The Live Feed options provide who has commented on whom and whats going around with this application. This is really good to know who are online and you can jump in and comment on any one.MyYearBook Feed
The Locals tab allows you to see which user is located very close to your locality and you can check out their profile as well. You can click on their profile and known more about them. You can also filter out the profiles accordingly whether they are online or not.MyYearBook Locals
The profile tab allows you to view your own profile. You can change photo, increase your popularity but you can change your name, id and lot more in the profile tab.MyYearBook Profile
The next is the friends tab where in it shows your friends and your friends request.MyYearBook Friends
The Match tab is for those one who want to see their ideal match accordingly to their profile, likes and dislikes. You can check all of your match profiles by clicking the next, next and next.MyYearBook Matches
The next tab is the Messages tab which allows you to see what messages that you have received.MyYearBook Messeges
Ask Me tab allows users to see the questions asked by people, you can reply to other questions, create questions and lot more inside that. Some of the questions are here – MyYearBook Ask Me
The next tab is the Earn L$ which means that by opening certain applications and installing them you get credits which can be used in this application itself.MyYearBook Balance
Finally there is the option of settings where in you can change or apply various settings. These settings are of privacy, content, email, authentication, notifications and bug reporting.MyYearBook Settings
Finally if you want to log out you need to return to the dashboard and then click on Menu button to get the option of Logout. The settings can be accessed from here as well. The good thing about this application is that it has no ads.MyYearBook Logout
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