Find Lyrics of any Playing Track on Android Device Players

Smart Lyrics is an Android application which allows you to view the lyrics of the running song that you are playing. So if you play music on the default Android music player an icon will appear in the top notifications bar with Smart Lyrics of it. When you open the notification bar and click on the Smart Lyrics, it will take you the lyrics of the song which is currently been played. That is really amazing and good way to understand the written words of the songs. It’s so efficient that you don’t need to type in anything to get the lyrics of the song because it does automatically. There are chances that all the music that you play might not have lyrics for it. But most of the English albums and song’s lyrics are supported by this application.
Smart Lyrics Smart Lyrics Smart Lyrics
Once you are on the lyrics of a song, tap on the Menu button to open the various menu options for you. Among those options there are Stored Lyrics, Copy Lyrics, Share Lyrics, Search Lyrics and finally preferences. When you click on the Preferences, you will find the option of turn OFF/ON the status bar notifications. By default you can automatically set this application to save the lyrics of the tracks which are been played and then finally the option of Clear Offline Storage.
If you want just the lyrics of any songs without going through the music library, open the Smart Lyrics application present on your mobile phone and provide the track name or the artist name, finally tap on the Search to find the suitable lyrics. This application is limited to English language tracks and certain of the regional tracks. Also this application will not work for Samsung Galaxy S2 and various other Samsung phones and also requires your phone to be on the Android 2.1 and higher versions.
Smart Lyrics Smart Lyrics
This application not just plays the songs of Android music player but also plays music from HTC Music Player, Winamp, RealPlayer, Double Twist Player, Meridian Media Player.
Smart Lyrics Download
The Smart Lyrics Android application can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free.
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