ZINK Mobile Printer

Printing on the go has never been easier.
The ZINK Mobile Printer is the perfect companion to your camera phone or digital camera, the pocket-sized mobile printer connects either wirelessly or with a USB cable directly to any camera phone or digital camera and prints full-color 2" x 3" digital photos (size of regular business card).

The printer uses thermal printing technology from Zink Imaging Inc. What this really means is that no ink is required, that's right NO ink.

The technology behind Zink was first developed at Polaroid, and they are now also plannig to update the Polaroid camera concept by selling another portable printer.
"Polaroid's new printer is a little bigger than a deck of cards and connects to phones by USB or Bluetooth."
And they will use Zink's thermal printing technology.

In case you're wondering Zink was founded in 2005 and purchased technologies from Polaroid as it was coming out of bankruptcy. And now both Zink and Polaroid are based in the same complex in Waltham, Massachusetts.

ZINK Mobile Printer Features:
  • Compatible with all Pictbridge enabled digital cameras and camera phones with wireless connectivity.
  • Prints 2" X 3" borderless, high quality photos
  • Uses ZINK™ Paper. Available in sticky-back.
  • Integrated, rechargeable battery

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