Pterosail Sailing Trike

The lightweight Pterosail Kit allows trike owners to sail the roads!

The Pterosail is a sailing attachment system that attaches to the front of existing recumbent trikes.

The technology and safety of the Pterosail has been thoroughly tested over thousands of miles of road use.
A rider can maneuver a sailing tricycle by steering with one hand and holding a single line in the other. Pulling on the line increases the tautness of the sail, allowing the vehicle to move more rapidly. Loosening the grip on the line gives slack to the sail, slowing the tricycle.
The boom can swing left or right in 320 degrees to catch wind, and the sail can be furled if the wind is too strong.
In addition to the two traditional brakes on a tricycle’s handlebars that control the front wheels, the Pterosail uses a special back brake so the rider can use one hand to halt movement.

The Pterosail can be easily setup and broken down for easy storage and transportation.
The system is composed of high quality materials that have been rigorously tested to ensure longevity, strength, and durability.

Learning to use the the patented Pterosail is a breeze thanks to the Automatic Sheet Management System.

The Pterosail adheres to size limitations imposed on motor vehicles. With a sail mast reaching 12 feet, 9 inches, and a boom that is 6 feet, 6 inches long, the sailing tricycle falls under the maximum vehicle height of 13 feet, 6 inches, with a width of 8 feet. MacTaggart says the large size of the Pterosail increases rider safety on the road.


  • Masts: 91% Carbon Fiber NoLimitz
  • Spar: Aircraft grade Aluminium
  • Sail: Custom Jib Type
  • Harken Sail Furler
  • High Tension Turnbuckles
  • 3 Spliced Front Stays
  • 1 Rear Stay
  • Rack Attachment System
  • Quick release mast clamps
  • 2 Marine Fiber Canvas Bag
  • Height: ~11 ft
  • Weight: 32 lbs Total
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