MagiKomputer: CES 2008 Going Green

The MagiKomputer Team is toddling around the CES at Las Vegas this year and the main impression they get is colored with Green.

It seems like Green is the main trend at CES 2008.
Even part of their website has become Green, check it out:

CES website
The CEA (producer of CES) announced that CES 2008 is taking unprecedented steps to 'go green' by reducing its carbon footprint and with the use of sustainable and energy efficient practices.
"As the world’s largest tradeshow for consumer technology, we are also the first tradeshow of our size to reduce our carbon footprint,.
We will do so by reducing energy consumption, increasing our recycling efforts, improving efficiency where possible, and making strides toward offsetting our unavoidable emissions. Consumer electronics are part of an energy-saving solution and improve the way we live, work and play, which gives this industry an opportunity to be a positive force for change and integral to environmental solutions that will ensure future generations inherit a healthy planet.
In addition to offsetting the carbon emissions of all CES venues, freight, shuttle buses and hotel rooms, we will provide attendees with the opportunity to offset their airline travel via CESweb and kiosks on the show floor."
said Gary Shapiro, CEA’s president and CEO.

CEA has even partnered with Carbonfund, the leading non-profit provider of certified carbon offsets, to reduce the carbon footprint of the event. Carbonfund will offset the approximately 20,000 tons of carbon associated with the International CES by investing in a combination of certified renewable energy, reforestation and energy efficiency projects.
As an example, by offsetting CES and consolidating trips that would have been necessary for the same meetings, the net savings in travel is over 700 million miles.

HP, for example, says its entire booth is 'green', including carpeting made from corn. Even the company's pens are made from 100% recycled material, including a cardboard body, and popsicle stick-like handle. There are solar-powered devices, 'green' power-saving devices, and even bags made from recycled materials."

One of the stars of the event has been the Solio portable solar panel.
Below Ed Kohler tells us about this green universal charger for electronic devices that stores power:


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MagiKomputer: CES 2008 Going Green


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