Geeks Xmas Guide

The Games and Gadgets Geek Guide to a Geeky Xmas

This might be the latest Christmas shopping guide ever, but according to our retail contacts anyway, Christmas is going to be late this year, or didn’t you get the memo, as everyone is holding out for a bargain. So for all you late shoppers we’ve put together a short list of our favourite games and gadgets of the year for your favourite geeks this Christmas.

10 In at number 10 is Sony’s Playstation Vita an absolute powerhouse in handheld gaming; no self-respecting geek should be caught in the daily commute without one. Not only is it an outstanding console in its own right, it’s a brilliant media device and web browser too but don’t take my word for it just check out these specs.

I only wish Sony would speed up the release of new games as the current catalogue is lacking somewhat. However with the introduction of playstation plus for the vita and the numerous free games that will be included over the year, it’s a must have for geeks everywhere, and rumour has it you can head over to your local GAME and grab one for £179.99 with Blackops Declassified and a 4GB memory card so grab it while you can.

 At number 9 we have every tech heads Christmas number one Nvidia’s GeForce GTX690 the ultimate graphics card for the best performance in any gaming situation. With 3072 CUDA cores and a texture fill rate of 234 billion/second coupled with 4GB of GDDR5 RAM this card produces such realism you’ll be bleeding all over the keyboard with every virtual wound you sustain.

For the geekier of you check out the full tech specs below and if you really love the geek you’re with this Christmas then this is a definite contender for no-brainer of the year. Prices for this model start from around £750 but you can pick up a GTX660 for around £200 with a small loss in performance but still great bang for your buck.

An old classic making a comeback at number 8 it’s the Furby. This classic childhood toy has been revamped and given a few new tricks, LCD eyes are a great addition as are the new personalities. This is a great present for young and nostalgic geeks alike with much fun to be had, just be careful not to make Furby go crazy… Seriously, but I guess you can find that out yourselves.
Average retail price is around £59.99 and you’re going to need some batteries to go with it. Although if you want a peaceful boxing day, maybe
use the half dead ones in the TV remote.

We’ve gone a little insane at number 7 with my favourite game of the year its Far Cry 3. Although its malaria ridden little brother of a game Far Cry 2 was less than great the third instalment of the series is back to the winning ways of the original. With stunning graphics a completely open environment and a fully independent eco system with predators to watch out for, Far Cry 3 is the best open world game I’ve played.

With an average retail price of £39.99 it’s a great idea for a geeky Christmas gift. Just remember if you do get this for your geek this Christmas you may well not see them again until the new year, and when they do finally emerge from their gaming cave they might not be the same anymore, you have been warned! For a full review of Far Cry 3 Check out the link.
At number 6 it’s a staple of any gadget reviewers top 10 the iPad 3. With its fantastic HD retina display, a quad core processor, 5-megapixel camera, 1080p video recording capabilities and 4G mobile bandwidth, this is the ultimate in geek luxury on the go. Apple’s stunning design and build quality are easy to see and this has to be on every geeks wish list.

This is a must have for every apple fan boy and girl out there so if you know one that’s gone without so far, its time to make their Christmas. Starting at £369 this is only for those geeks you really love this Christmas but you do have a few options and there is now a 4thgen version and the mini to choose from as well.

We’re soaring high with HD video at number 5 with my favourite gadget of the year the parrot AR drone 2.0. This amazing little device is a quad rotor drone that can be controlled with any android or IOS device and comes with a 720p camera to boot. Beaming the image straight back to your device you can play augmented reality games against friends in real time or simply take photos of amazing views at the touch of a button.

Starting at around the £200 price region this is one expensive boys toy but it is absolutely worth it, and if your geek is a budding film maker then you can always write it off as a tax expense, after all it’s a fairly cheap way to get those sweeping panoramic’s or 360 slow-mo’s.

In at number 4 its Apple’s biggest rival Google with the nexus 10. Boasting the highest resolution screen on the market, Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), a 5-megapixel camera, MIMO Wifi and all weighing in at just over 600g this is a beast of a tablet. This sexy little machine is great for any specs. whores out there as it’s absolutely crammed with the latest tech, the screen alone is miles ahead of the competition with outstanding picture quality and amazing clarity.

With a starting price of just £319 that alone puts it above the iPad on this list let alone the fact the tech is spot on as well, and at least you’re never going to get lost with good old Google maps. So if you feel like treating your geek to the best this Christmas its got to be the Nexus 10.

Is it a hand held? Could it be a new controller? Or is it a new console? At number 3 it’s the worst marketing job in history with the Wii-U. Despite the confusion on the high street Nintendo’s latest console is an impressive little machine boasting crisp graphics, smooth game play and innovative controls. It’s the first of the next gen consoles and an absolute must have for any die-hard Nintendo fans out there.

With bundles starting at £259 it would seem that the next gen console has come in without a next gen price tag, always nice to see Nintendo keeping the prices down. Just don’t look too closely at the price stickers on the games and you’ll be fine. So if you’re after a geektastic Christmas don’t miss out on your Wii-U, because we all know you won’t be able to find them after Christmas.

Nerd poling its way to number 2 is a modern classic, Minecraft. This simple game about survival in an almost Lego like world has evolved into so much more. Whether you pick it up on pc or Xbox the game is so varied and addictive that geeks and non-geeks alike will find themselves losing days or even weeks creating their own minecraft utopia.

At only £13.49 on the Xbox and £17.99 on the pc it’s a great budget gift for any geek out there. Just be on hand to console them when their budding utopian society is brought to its knees by a creeper.

Driving straight into pole position but with zero carbon emissions is the Tesla Model S. This amazing electric car is the ultimate gadget equipped with a 17” touch screen display in the centre console and a fully digital dials output this really is the geekmobile. Capable of doing 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and with a range of 300 miles this is an amazing vehicle.

Although not available in time for Christmas you can reserve one for £4000 expect the overall cost to be steep though as this is a luxury sedan. It’s not exactly a Christmas gift option I know but it is still the ultimate geeky gadget and fully deserves the top spot here.

So that’s the geeks Christmas wish list for 2012 hope that it has helped make a few decisions but more importantly I wish you all a merry Christmas and hope you all get your geek on.

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