Starting up your Android Phone for the First Time

The first time a newly purchased Android phone is powered on, it would show you the large Android robot which has to be pressed to initiate the phone functioning, and as it is your first time with the Android phone, you would be taken through a few instruction steps which you could follow or skip one by one, but most of these would do all the initial start up of the stuff that would come to use when you are using the phone.
These are the few different steps you would go through:
Changing Language: Some would want to have the phone in their own language, and not English. On the first screen itself when you are touching the Android robot, the bottom right section has the option to Change language and you could select the preferred language here itself, so that the entire instruction process too opens in the language you want.
Android Welcome Screen
The first time you startup your Android phone, you are welcomed with a screen asking you to select the preferred language.
Connect to Wi-Fi: This is generally asked when you have started up the phone for the first time without the SIM card inserted in the phone. The Android interface wants you to connect to the Internet for the setup of the Google account.
Connect to Data network or Wi-Fi: When there is a SIM card inserted and you are starting up the phone for the first time, it would prompt you to connect to either the Data network or Wi-Fi, based on your choice.
Android Data Settings  Android Connection Needed
Either of the cases above are for the GSM phones, as the CDMA won’t require the SIM card for the connecting to the mobile network, so you would be asked only about the Wi-Fi connectivity if you wish to use that. In order to sign into your Google account for the syncing, you will have to setup a Wi-Fi connection.
Android Wi-Fi setting
Connecting to a Wi-Fi network is mandatory (if you are not using data network) if you want to start the syncing of the accounts from your phone.
Sign into your Google Account: The Google account is required to use all the Google features at once, i.e. Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Talk. The adding of Google account now or later would be totally necessary as Android takes the basis of this account to backup your phone settings to the Google servers, make the Google Play Store accessible for the users and for the users to take the advantage of the various Google services on the phone.
Android Google Account
Tips for Google Account:
  • You don’t need to create a new Google account in the computer, as you can do the same on the phone.
  • If you have an Google enterprise account, the signing in would not be possible directly and you would need to follow a few different instructions to login through your Google enterprise account.
  • If you were using an Android phone previously and had made a few settings, added contacts to the Google account, and now would want the same stuff in the new Android phone, you need to add the same account in this new Android phone and those settings are downloaded to the new phone.
If you skip logging into your Google account during the initial startup of the phone, you would need to login when you open any application that requires the same. A few apps which would for the first time, ask you to login to the Google account are Gmail, Google Talk, Android Market etc.
Privacy and Legal Form
This is a form you are introduced to, by the company of the phone and you need to agree to the policies and Terms & Conditions given by the manufacturer.
Android Legal
Google services setup
When you log in to your Google account in the new Android phone, it would take you through a few steps of service settings, which include the Location, Backup, Date and time.
Location settings: The Google’s location service is something that would come to good use in many applications including the Google Maps, which need the GPS sensors for tracking the location, and Google acts smartly on providing search results in accordance to your location. The location options to either keep the service active or deactivated, would be available later on in the “Location & Security settings” too.
Android Location Consent
Backup service: Many settings, personal data can be backed up to the Google servers when you have your Google account added to the phone. Some of them include the Browser bookmarks, User dictionary with the saved new words, Wi-Fi passwords etc. Backing up would not just help restore the data when you have reset the phone anytime, it would also restore the same data into any other phone when the same Google account is used in a new Android phone.
Android Backup and Restore
Date and time: Manual setting of the date and time is asked by the phone when you haven’t connected it to the mobile network. When the phone is connected to the mobile network when the SIM card is inserted, then you could choose to use the networks’ time accordingly, and it would be helpful when you are on roaming.

  • You could use either the phone’s normal touch keyboard or the Swype keyboard. Check Page no. on the options of using the keyboard.
  • If you lost your Google account password or forgot it, you would ned to go to and click on Sign in, and click on the link “Can’t access your account?”, which would take you to the steps which would help in resetting the account password.
  • Apart from the Google account, one could add their other accounts like Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Facebook, the Email account of your phone etc. too when you add your Google account, but if you choose to do that later you can do that through the “Accounts & Sync” settings.
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