Infrared Marine Thermometer

Infrared Marine Thermometer
Did you know that most water temperature meters take up to 1 minute to give you an accurate reading?
How are you going to pinpoint the optimal temperature habitat for your prey with a 1 minute delay?

The NorCross® Infrared Marine Thermometer SP delivers instant temperature readings of any surface with one-handed operation.
Use it to:
  • Take water temperature readings while racing to the fishing grounds; no matter how fast you’re running. Instantly measure powerhead, riser, block, etc. temperatures or pinpoint water circulation problems.
  • Check the bearing and brake temperatures of your trailer and avoid the unwanted hassles of improper lubrication or failed seals.
Take it with you no matter where you go and don’t worry, it’s made marine-proof and water resistant.

To Use: Just aim at the target with the integrated laser pointer and press the measure button. Temperature readings will appears within a ½ second and will continue to update 4 times per second until the button is released

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