The Loremo

German Loremo AG introduced their ultra efficient car at the 76th annual Motor Show 2006 in Geneva last month, the Loremo.
Founded in Munich in 2000, Loremo AG is a German automaker corporation, focused on designing and manufacturing cars with very low weight and air resistance. The term "Loremo" is an abbreviation for Low Resistance Mobile.

The company has developed a light-weight passenger car with outstanding erodynamics. The one, two combination of light weight and tunnel tested aerodynamics allow this energy-efficient car to travel 157 miles per gallon of gasoline or 1.5 l per 100km.

The idea is simple: Weight and aerodynamic resistance have fundamental influence on the fuel consumption of vehicles. Reducing these factors reduces the consumption rates. This fact is known from motor sports, where the main focus lies on the weight reduction. Therefore the secret of Loremo is concentration on the essential: Safety, economy, driving pleasure and design.

The innovative linear cell structure is the basis of Loremo’s safety. Instead of two doors on the side there is a “gate”. A wing door that swings upward and to the front. The gate also reveals a baggage compartment where you can find additional room.
And in case you need to transport something larger, the huge rear trunk offers lots of space. You can also quickly make room for two children by folding back the two rear seats.

The ergonomically designed interior makes a clear statement: concentration on the essential, transferred with elaborate design, style and pleasant feel.

The dashboard yields a simplistic instrument tower with display.
The bucket seats are only vertically adjustable.
Instead of a horizontal adjustment of the seats the pedals and steering wheel are adjustable to ergonomically suit the driver.
The rear seats are arranged against driving direction and provide a high safety standard for children.

Engine 2-Cylinder-Turbo-Diesel 3-Cylinder-Turbo-Diesel
Output 15 kW / 20 HP 36 kW / 50 HP
V max 160 km/h 200 km/h
Acceleration <> <>
Gearbox 5-gear-manual / automatic 5-gear-manual / automatic
Drive Mid engine / Rear wheel drive
Mid engine / Rear wheel drive
Fuel consumption
<> <>
Range > 1.000 km (20-l-Tank) > 700 km (20-l-Tank)
Weight <> <>
Aerdynamic drag Cw=0,22 Cw=0,22
Seating 2+2 2+2
Measurements (l x w x h) 380 cm x 136 cm x 114 cm 380 cm x 136 cm x 114 cm
Price <> <>
Standard equipment
Airbags, particulate filter, radio
Airbags, particulate filter, radio
Optional equipment
On-Board-PC, A/C, MP3-Player,
Navigation system
On-Board-PC, A/C, MP3-Player,
Navigation system

The Loremo
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