Microsoft Research Shows Off New Tech

This is the kind of thing us Games and Gadgets Geeks live for, the merging of technology with games to provide an awe inspiring gaming experience. The clever people over at Microsoft Research have announced IllumiRoom, which was shown off at this years CES.

The basics of this is that it augments the surrounding area of the TV with projected visuals. This is achieved by using a Kinect for Windows, a projector and whole bag full of magic trickery. IllumiRoom will be able to extend the field of view, induce motion and change the appearance of the whole room.

IllumiRoom still remains a proof of concept which means we won't be seeing it in our living rooms any time soon if at all but look out for more info in April when Microsoft research are heading to CHI 2013.

If you want to see this in action then watch the video below.

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