Sony Announce New Slimmer Slimline PS3 UPDATED

This morning Sony held their annual Pre-TGS show and they had a few surprises in store. The most intriguing of which was the unveiling of the 2012 Slimline PS3.

This new model is more than 50% lighter than the initial launch models and and 25% lighter than the current crop of machines. One of the features they have used to achieve this wonderful new svelte and curvy look is a sliding door mechanism for the game discs and blu-rays.


We have had word from Sony that the sliding door mechanism is operated via a button which makes the door slide sideways. To close it you need to push back into position, not too dissimilar to the PS2 Slimline.

In order to tempt existing customers to this redesigned modelSOny are offering up a whopping 500GB model. On the other hand for those who have been looking to get a PS3 but have been put off by the price, well Sony are thinking of you guys too. They are now offering up a 12GB Flash drive model, you wont be able to download much but it's perfect for just your game saves.

They haven't announced any UK pricing for these models yet but I can tell you that the 500GB will coming to Europe on September 28th for a price of €299 which loosley translates to £240. The 12GB model on the other hand is coming out October 12th for €229, again translated to roughly £184.

They also revealed a new 250GB external drive, the first time Sony have done this for the PS3. Sadly though this can only be used by the newer devices, so if you are stuck with a small hard drive from launch then this can't help you out, sorry. Still we are looking at a October 12th launch at €79.99 or roughly £72.

Also announced was the latest accessory for your new PS3, a vertical stand. Coming out at the same time as the 500GB model and all for a measly €14.99 or £12.

So what do you think, do the new curves get you excited, or are you just lusting after the storage bump.? Sound off below.

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