Android App for Senior People : Get Large Phone Dialer Buttons & SMS Wizard

Phonotto appEvery smart phone user would have a desire to own a phone that holds an edge over the others, through the various features, camera, screen size and many other things. And with the change in generations, the mobile phones are not just the same and the companies too are trying to bring in more and more advanced features for the users to take advantage of. At the same time, one age group that is being ignored by the smart phone builders is the senior age people, who would find it a hassle to use these kind of phones.
Just because one wouldn’t be able to understand the functioning of these high-end phones, they can’t avoid using the phones, but would want to have those traditional devices which were the best at one time, or something very simple to use in the current league of phones. We have seen a few such phones, such as the iBall Aasaan senior phone which has the large keys and a simple screen so that the users don’t have any difficulty to use, but when you already have a smartphone in hands, why would you want to have another one looking out for options?
For the same senior age group of people, there is an application called the Phonotto, which is even called the Simple Phone Seniors Phonotto, which does the same job which the simple call-and-sms phones do. We won’t go into the case study on who could get the best use of this app, but it certainly has its own best features and simplicity that would be liked by many.
Phonotto App Home Phonotto Address Book
The home page of the Phonotto app has the Time in Digital mode, Call, Missed Calls, Address Book, Send and Read SMS buttons all arranged in the form of the tiles that are seen in a Windows Phone mobile. These would take you to the inner pages and sections, which are similarly easier to use.
One of the good features of this app is that it would make the phone into a simpler one right from the startup, as the app has got an option of staying in the background when you don’t want to use it but it would automatically start if you wish it to.
Phonotto SMS inbox Phonotto Send SMS
The SMS inbox has got nothing else than the SMSes listed one below the other, and you don’t need to search for the options, as there is a large Reply button located at the bottom of the SMS which would directly take you to the SMS typing page where you need to enter the text and hit Send.
The preferences has got the option of toggling this app on / off at the phone startup. There is nothing else that would be hidden in the settings area, so that is again an advantage for the users who want to have the maximum simplicity.
The easiest way to exit the Phonotto app and bring the general Android interface is hitting the home button which would hide this app page and this could be opened again from the apps list or from the notification panel.
Phonotto Phone App Phonotto Missed Calls
Not everyone would be a fan of the vibrant screens, the high volume whistling ringtones and many would find it even harder to just make the calls or send SMS from the complicated interfaces of the latest Android devices, and this would especially be a difficulty for the seniors. This app is specially made for them. We won’t be calling those users as stupid, who have got a high-end smartphone bit don’t like to use the interface, because many a times phones are gifted and they never ask for it.
The future versions of the app would even have the easier gallery for browsing through the photos and capture pictures using the camera in an easier way. Download the Phonotto app for Android from the Google Play Store here.
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