Courage and the Management of Uncertainty

Authentic leaders have the unenviable task of making decisions in risk environments, and under conditions of uncertainty. Leaders must have the capacity to move ahead in spite of risks, no matter how grave. Authentic leaders must manage the risk taking, not the risk avoidance process. This requires centeredness and courage.

I am not talking here about corporate cowboys (and girls), but rather the courage to manage the process of creating, or co-creating, a new vision, new organisation, and new processes. Clearly the status quo has not the answers to 21st century progress, and so cannot remain the standard text from which we navigate out of the organisational mire that inertia and pseudo-leadership has allowed to engulf our institutions.

The major paradigm shift that is required to succeed in this century will require major change within our structures. This will require creative courage. Major change requires major creative courage. The challenge for leaders will be about professional decision-making process in the midst of organisational environments that say it cannot happen. Courage is the key.
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