Could Australia become a model society?

Australian Prime Minister P.J. Keating wrote in 1994 that:

“One of the great challenges we face as a nation is to generate a deep sense of optimism within our young people. We need to do that because without optimism, without a sense that we do have the wherewithal to build a better future, we will find no reason to build that future. By failing to act, by failing to lead, we are in effect saying that we’re happy for our future to be built by others, and for their benefit not ours.

“I think the main challenge you face as young leaders is to grow your optimism in your friends and peers.

“If you can do that and if, at the same time, you give fully of your love, your labour and your imagination then there is no reason why Australia will not become a model society in the 21st century.

In order to become that model society, Australia desperately needs to identify and nurture its authentic values based leaders.
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