Steve on Leadership # 6

One of the most inspiring leaders in Australia to me is Michael Rennie. Michael is the director of a large management consulting company, and battled a serious cancer in his youth that changed his life, and inspired me.

Despite facing death, Michael said once, “There are limits in the world, but these limits are much less than the limits we place on ourselves. The constraining limit is yours – no one else’s. It’s your own sense of what you can do, and when you break through that, you can break through the limits of the world. That’s the message about leadership.”

I’ve had the colossal privilege of hearing Michael speak several times, and whenever Michael speaks, people listen...and think. One of the enormous gifts Michael gave me is the opportunity to sit down and talk to me one-on-one, and my leadership journey has never been the same again.

As Michael supposed, we place more limits on ourselves than the world places on us. Michael is a leader in Australia and in the world business community. We can only hope that he continues to spread his light in Australia for the betterment of the global community.

Michael Rennie – inspiration personified. All leaders can learn from him.

Steve Lourey
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