The Free Solar Energy Station

The free solar energy station is a concept that is made for open public and commercial spaces.
At this station, every person could charge his/her gadget for free. Simply plug in a cell phone, computer or any other gadget to the electric socket or to any of the available USB connections

The station is made of solar panels, treated bamboo, recycled metals, batteries and electronic components. The solar panels are attached to a rotational hinge. This function enables the panels to rotate and be perpendicular to the sun’s light wave; thus maximizing the energy produced.

The colors of the object are brown and green so it would capture a greener look compared to the gray city’s environment which surrounds it. The Free Energy Station could be sponsored by various organizations such as city governments and commercial companies.

The Free Solar Energy Station was designed for the Greener Gadget Design Competition. The emphasis of the design is on its sustainability.
I wanted to create an object whose output would produce energy; I liked the idea of giving away free energy, so I looked for ways to do so,
says the designer of the project, Jonathan Globerson;
solar power stands as the foundation of my idea. But I wanted to take into consideration the social impact. This is by way of helping citizens of the world get familiarized with alternative energy resources. The 'Free Solar Energy Station' will allow the average person to experience the usability of alternative energy without paying for it. It will help make 'solar energy' an everyday term, in the user’s vocabulary.

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