The HYmini is a a hybrid universal charger and adapter gadget that that fits in the palm of your hand and uses a combination of wind, solar, hand-cranking, USB outlets and conventional wall plug power (100~240V wall plug) to recharge just about any 5V digital gadgets.

The recharge is done through its USB 2.0 outlet by inserting the USB transfer cable provided to connect HYmini and the gadget.
You can also use the original manufacture USB core to recharge your devices (iPods, MP3 players, cameras, etc)

Various adaptors included in the HYmini Basic Package allow you to charge a great number of mobile phones.

  • Micro wind power generator

    Built-in to the portable power unit as a supplemental power source with a 65 mA capacity. Translucent, removable and impact safe wind turbine that glows green when charging. Minimum of 9mph wind speed to start charging.

  • LED night light, and charge-in green indicator

    Generate electricity during everyday activities.

  • 1200 mAh built in lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery power bank.

    5V adaptive 200~850mA output through USB 2.0.
    Built-in rechargeable battery inside the casing.

  • Hybrid Recharger

    Rechargeable through 100~240V wall pug, DC jack, miniSOLAR panels, hand crank generator and hydro generator.


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