HeadRoom AirBag Charcoal

AirBag CharcoalHeadRoom's AirBag Charcoal is the perfect solution for carrying your tunes.
It pulls together all the bits and pieces (CD player, amp, CDs, extra batteries, cables) for a boundless little portable system. Whatever your on-the-go activities may be (biking, walking, traveling, or enjoying the great outdoors) the AirBag makes listening to tunes amazingly easy.

The AirBag has two main compartments.
The front compartment (the "lid") holds the Total Airhead or Total BitHead amp snug as a bug in neoprene casing. The lid also holds up to 4 spare batteries.
The main ("bottom") compartment holds the CD player with a large strip of Velcroe, and includes 4 sets of adhesive Velcroe loop velcoins to secure the player in place. The bottom compartment also includes an additional pocket with 5 prosleeve CD holders which can hold a total of 10 CDs.

In order to connect your AirHead to your CD player, convenient openings at the base of the lid allow you to run the mini cable into the main compartment.
The AirBag includes a detachable shoulder strap. A Security Strap is also available for the AirHead that hooks to the bottom of the bag to run around your waist. The Security Strap not only keeps the bag from moving around on your waist but also eliminates the risk of theft while you are roaming around those sketchy airports. For all those adrenaline junkies out there who love their extreme activities, Extreme Suspension System secures your AirBag to your chest or back.

The AirBag is 6.25" (17cm) long, 6" (15cm) wide, and 1.25" (3.5cm) high, allowing it to fit pretty much any portable CD player (except for a few older models that weren't so svelt). The front pocket is 6"(15cm) wide and 6"(15cm) long, and stretches to a height of over an inch. The AirBag weighs only 7 ounces when empty, while all loaded up with your CD player, AirHead, batteries, and cables, it weighs about 1.5 lbs.

Available from HeadRoom

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