Animatronic Boobs

Liven up your workspace with Jingle Jugs, the animatronic singing and dancing boobs.

The Jingle Jugs™ make a perfect gag gift. They're a must have in the game room or in the bar. Put 'em in your home office or garage and liven up your workspace. Put a new top on 'em to match the season. Mount 'em next to your trophies in the game room - after all, it's the Trophy Rack He's Always Wanted! Leave 'em on "Motion Detect Mode" and startle visitors when they jiggle and dance to "Titties & Beer." The opportunities for laughter and fun are endless with Jingle Jugs!

The Jugs are manufactured with high quality components. You can either install batteries in them or use the included AC Adapter. Jingle Jugs are easily mountable on the wall or you can use the included stand to put them on a flat surface, like the Thanksgiving table centerpiece. The motion sensor, if activated, will respond to any changes in light - someone walking by, for example!
Jingle jugs are available from Baron
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