Tiny Robots for stomach surgery

Tiny Robots (8 centimeters long) are being developed at the University of Nebraska to provide remote controlled robot abdomen surgery.

The project's mission is to test new minimally invasive surgery techniques.
Specialized devices for illumination, biopsy, clamping and cauterizing are also planned, some of which could move around the stomach or the abdominal cavity.

Dmitry Oleynikov, director of education and training for the minimally invasive and computer-assisted surgery project asserted that: 

“This is just the start of things to come regarding robotic devices at work inside the body during surgery.”

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NASA has shown its interest in the project and said it will teach astronauts to use the robots so that surgeries can be performed in space. They can also be operated from surgeons on Earth, who can control the robots themselves from other locations.

Visit the University of Nebraska to watch an amazing video of a motorized robot doing its job inside a patient's abdomen.

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